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In advance of MOSAIC's upcoming debut full-length 'Secret Ambrosian Fire', set for release in late November, the band – directed by multi-instrumentalist Valkenstijn (also active in Sun of the Sleepless, Empyrium) – opens a new circle with Cloven Fires. Known for its long and complex atmospheric battery, the band's upcoming music offers an entirely different approach to what it calls "Supreme Thuringian Folklore."

„Cloven Fires“ was recorded in Valkenstijn's House of Inkantation, between MMXV and MMXVI, and features D.E. of Werian on drums and longtime collaborator Leshiyas (Vivus Humare) on bass. The song itself deals with the four alchemistic transformation stages in a rather deep and metaphorical fashion.

The b-side of the vinyl includes an exclusive unreleased recording from the Inkantation vaults, titled „Ambrosia.“ Featuring former Secrets of the Moon drummer Heemann on percussion, and recorded between MMXIV and MMXV, the track is a disturbing call to reflect modern society's imminent collapse.

Press Quotes:

"On this recording Mosaic goes into more of a mixture of dark and black metal as well as getting very experimental at times."

Metal Jacket Magazine
"It is short, but it is effective. It will not disappoint the listener."
"it’s a very personal listening experience, created by someone who indeed does not have any musical limits."
"Two different tracks, two dark listens."
..."intelligent Black Metal with a very special atmosphere."
With "Cloven Fires" they know how to arouse curiosity with only two songs.
"Their music makes me feel like my arms can stretch up to the sky and touch the sun while feeling my feet firmly rooted in forever."


released September 27, 2019

All music and lyrics written by Valkenstijn.

Recorded at the House of Inkantation.

Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock
at Klangschmiede Studio E, May - June MMXIX.

Cover impression captured by Carolin van Valkenstijn
at Samhain Celebration MMXV - Villa Gotaha.

Visual Magick by Martin van Valkenstijn.


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MOSAIC Gotha, Germany


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Track Name: Cloven Fires
From the fountains of fallen light
The black exhales

Down the rivers of cloven tongues
the black inhales the white

Down the waters of fathering
The yellow one

Down the seas of liquid gold
The mask turns red

As the torch falls

Out of iron lungs
The oak heralds

Lock the Fires! and see them howl
The luminous tail is rotten
In the temple of fire
The luminous tail is rotten

I am fire and fire am I
The luminous tail is born
In the temple of fires

Now! - see the procreation
Fire walk with me
The four crystallize out of the yellow bile
The livers immersed in poison
Track Name: Ambrosia
Es zürnt der Tod
in dieser trüben Stund
und es welkt der Geist
mit dieser bittren Kund

Im teer´gen Flussbett faucht
ein Greis mit Donnergrollen
im Meer von schwarzen Blumen fliegt der gift’ge Pollen

Türen enthebeln sich und weisen
den Weg zum Abgrund des Abgrunds
Augen füllen sich mit Urin
Kultur nur noch Schatten am Weltenrand

Laternen die durch Licht ersticken
und glühend Hölzer zurück in freie Formen weisen

Im Trakt spielt nun das Eisenrohr die liebliche Musik,
die Geborgenheit in die Schädel hämmert

Dies ist die See, seiner Zeit mit Ambrosia genährt;
heute nur noch der Gestalten Todestrank

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